Why Choose Snowcat Skiing?

Cat Skiing compared to heli skiing bcWith snowcat skiing we can ski every day! We have the ability to ski the same amount of vertical guaranteed by the heli-ski companies. In 7 days we can do 100,000 vertical feet – wow!

It is more expensive to run a helicopter than a snowcat, so with snowcats you get amazing deep snow and exciting terrain for a significantly less investment.

Our lodge is located in the middle of the terrain, so there isn't a long wait to reach the first run of the day.

Snowcats are designed so skiers can have a short rest and chat with each other while we travel between runs. There isn't any pressure to get to the bottom in a hurry for the next pick-up. Guests have time to jump off a small pillow, outcrop or set up for a photo if they want. The group can ski as fast or as leisurely as they like and the snowcat will be ready at the pick-up point when the guests arrive and then travel to a new location. If you need a break during the day, guests are welcome to sit out for a run and ride down in the front of the snowcat.