Group Discount

Skiing or snowboarding with a group in BC

During High Season only, we reward the organizers among us. Discover what other groups have already figured out – it's double the fun to ski or ride with a group of your friends. Fill the snowcat with a group of 12 skiers, and receive one seat FREE! To qualify for this discount, we ask that groups pay with one cheque and the group organizer must truly organize the group.

This discount is offered due to the responsibilities assumed by the group’s organizer. Consequently to receive this discount the group organizer MUST do the following things:


  1. Book the entire group at the same time and pay the deposit with one cheque.
  2. Collect all funds from the group members and pay with one cheque by October 31st. Payments made by credit card for discounted packages will be subject to a 2.5% surcharge. Please do not have every group member phone in a visa number or send separate cheques.
  3. Provide Monashee Powder with a group list.
  4. Notify us immediately by phone or e-mail of any changes or additions to the group.
  5. Ensure that all group members return their registration forms and receive a copy of the information booklet. Additional copies can be downloaded at our Guest Info page.
  6. If a group organizer has cancellations in his or her group it is the responsibility of the organizer to fill those spots. If Monashee Powder is asked to fill spots the group’s discount will be lost for that year.
  7. Failure of the group organizer to make certain that all of these things are done will result in the loss of the group discount for the following year.
  8. Group organizers should bring a cheque on their holiday if they want to keep the group’s ski dates. Your first option on those dates for the following year expires on the last day of your ski holiday.
  9. Absolutely no dates will be held without a deposit.

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