History of Monashee Powder SnowcatsDuring the winter of 1998-1999, the 12 guests of Monashee Powder Adventures were housed in Weather Haven Arctic Tents, with an outhouse and one shower. To this day, some long-time guests tell us that was their most memorable winter ever.

It was during this winter that Tom and Carolyn Morgan rounded up 10 ski buddies and booked a snowcat skiing trip. Little did they know that those few days of breathtaking skiing would change the course of their lives forever…"

Their initial trip was a true adventure: bouncing into the wilderness aboard an old Heggelund snowcat landed them in what Carolyn refers to as “Ice Station Zebra”.  Amidst tons of snow were clusters of tents, a welcoming light shining in front of each one.  Cozy, comfortable and warm, these Weather Haven Arctic tents, complete with wood floors and oil burning stoves, would be home for the coming days.

The next three days were skiing bliss, never once did they see the top of the mountain for all the falling snow.  The tent accommodations mattered not for they were there for the snow and the snow did not disappoint.

After that first trip, the Morgan’s were completely hooked, talk turned to a deal and soon plans for building a lodge were hatched. The 8,000 sq. ft. Tsuius Lodge was built that very summer. Tom and Carolyn Morgan now own and operate Monashee Powder Snowcats and have never looked back.