Ski Journal Magazine visit Monashee Powder - 2013

Sport, Sun and Monkey Love at Monashee Powder Cats - by Sakeus Bankson

"It’s our first day in the alpine bowls, skeletal burns and thick forests of Monashee’s tenure, a 17,000-acre expanse south of Revelstoke, BC, and, despite having heard it several times today, we still haven’t decided what Ken’s definition of “sporty” actually is. So far it’s included sunny spines, rumpled pillow-stacks, steep tree chutes, boosty cliffs—it appears anything trending towards rowdy falls under its umbrella. “Sporty,” we decide, is our type of word."

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Freeskier, Skiing’s Independent Magazine – January 2011

Monashee Powder Cats With The Vernon Crew - by Shay Williams

“For four days, the fine folks at Monashee Powder Snowcats took us in, guided us to some killer terrain and showed us the goods, while the BC snow gods dumping centimeter after centimeter of snow on the tenure.”

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Powder Magazine’s 2009 Video Awards – “Best Powder” video

Winner’s: Mark Abma, T.J. Schiller and C.R. Johnson for “Claim” by Matchstick Productions

“The reason we ski. The reason we sacrifice nearly everything—jobs, relationships, responsibility, sanity, etc - powder skiing. All four of these nominees ski some of the lightest, deepest, most blower powder of their lives. But the trio of Mark Abma, T.J. Schiller and C.R. Johnson skied the most crystallized version of snow in MSP’s Claim while skiing at Monashee Powder Cats in the interior of British Columbia.”

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Ride Guide presents “Atomic Freeski” – 2008

Ride Guide heads to Monashee Powder with Atomic athletes Julian Carr and Sven Kueenle.

Pontiac World of Skiing – 2008 Season Monashee Powder Snowcats

Video from December 2007 visit from Edith Rozsa and Todd Brooker

Why is Monashee Powder so good? It is in the Monashee Mountains - unsurpassed for its quantity and quality of snow. Lots of alpine - (great glades and tree skiing too). We are in the alpine or treeline zone about 75% of the time. We have 5 alpine ridge lines for great runs and fresh tracks each run. Remote, high elevation lodge - offering spectacular views and a 5 to 15 minute cat ride to the first run each morning. Lots of terrain - 66 sq. kms (17,000 acres) so we rarely ask you to 'farm' the snow.

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Voleurz Movie by Outdoor Education

2008: A visit by local pro’s Justin Dorey, TJ Schiller and Riley Leboe

Voleurz Outdoor Education" is a full-length action sports film brought to you for free by the Voleurz family. Featuring skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding filmed on the westcoast of Canada.

Voleurz Outdoor Education from Voleurz on Vimeo.

Edmonton Journal

Mashin’ Monashee Powder by Karl Wilberg – January 2007

“On day two, guide Karl takes us to the far reaches of the lease, and to a mountaintop lookout styled, Top of the World. The headwaters of the Shuswap are arrayed before us. The scenery is inspiring and my skis are hunting for speed. Ambitions soar and I surf over the snow, working the bow wave, buoyed up, then dropping down. The bouncing rhythm triggers a childlike delirium, a guilty pleasure, like jumping on mom and dad's bed”… “It will be the ski trip -- sorry, ski odyssey -- of your life.”

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Ski Canada Magazine - 2001

Here, Kitty, Kitty – The world’s best snowcat skiing is found in one corner of B.C. What are you waiting for? – by George Koch

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