Monashee Powder has a fleet of 5 Bombardier snowcats (snowcats may also be knows as Pisten Bully's) to make sure you get a great mountain experience. We name them for Norse Gods - snow is our business after all!

Loki is our dedicated road builder and Skadi & Ullr are our back-up cats. The other two snowcats, Thor and Freya, are your rides to great skiing.

Snowcat Skiing BC at Monashee Powder Snowcats

We run Bombardier snowcats, which have proven to be extremely reliable and very efficient at getting us to “The Top of the World”. We've been using closed profile tracks on the cats for a number of years and they are a huge improvement from the older “open” grouser bars.

Our mechanical staff of the owner's son, Gary; long-time snowcat mechanic and operator, Cody; and former aircraft mechanic, Dustin, have done a superb job on our annual summer servicing of the snowcats. In the event of a snowcat malfunction, we have the ability to get the relief snowcat out to your location to minimize any interruption in the ski day.

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