The Monashee Family


Tom and Carolyn Morgan came as guests to Monashee Powder over 20 years ago. At that time things were quite a bit more rustic.  Despite the lack of indoor plumbing in 1999, the skiing was so incredible they were completely hooked! Another visit and they were invested in the adventure of a lifetime.

Monashee Powder is now a family affair. Gary, Tom and Carolyn's son, has stepped into a management role, taking care of all the insane logistics and challenges of running a back country lodge.  Gary's wife Keaton took on the lodge manager position and is now balancing that with looking after their first child, Isla, who they welcomed in to this world in the summer of 2018.


John Dutton - the son-in-law, is now one of our supervising lead guides.  Married to Kristi, they welcomed into the world the first-born-of-the-next-generation of MPS, baby Jasper, Feb. 21st, 2018.

Mum and Pop

Mum and Pop

Tom an Carolyn have nurtured a culture at MPS that makes staff and returning guests feel like they are part of the family.