We offer either 4-day (Monday to Thursday) or 3-day (Friday to Sunday) ski holidays. Occasionally, during early season we offer 2-day trips. Please contact us to check the dates of these trips. Trips can be combined if you just can’t get enough! Below you can find our current availability.

2019/2020 BOOKINGS

Closed indicates:The current guests have first priority to rebook their equivalent ski dates for the following ski season. These seats will become available 7 days after the guests have departed without rebooking.

In Progress indicates: The seats have been requested by customers but the booking isn't complete . Please email or call to request dates before the anniversary date of the trip you want so we know you are waiting for the seats to become available.

Snow questions: We usually have big dumps of snow at the end of March and into April, with approximately 12 ft. (4 meters!) of cold snow on the ground. The house staff was out skiing Apr. 14, 15 & 16 in great powdery conditions. (Then we had to get back to work to close up the lodge!)