Facts & Stats


Monashee Mountains in British Columbia, Canada – About 30 kms southwest of Revelstoke and 30 kms south of Highway 1. The only access is from Cherryville, BC on Highway 6 between Vernon & Nakusp.

Annual Snowfall

Monashee Skiing BC

60 ft or 18 m

Average Temperature

-5 to -10 Celsius (26 to 14 Fahrenheit)

Operating Season

Mid-December to Mid-April

Type Of Snowcats

Five Bombardier BR400+ and 1 road building cat

Lodge Elevation

Centrally located in our ski area at 5,200 feet or 1 mile high (1610m)

Longest Run

"Take It Or Leave It" at 3,500 feet

Ski Terrain

17,000 acres or 66 km2

Average Daily Vertical

15,000 to 18,000 ft

Number of Runs per Day

10 to 14

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