Ski & Snowboard Rentals

For Skiers:
Monashee Powder has a varied selection of powder skis. We carry:

The cost to rent these skis is $35 per day. An early rise ski refers to a tip that is bent up but the tail remains the same. For powder skiers this means the ski tips float up out of the deep snow without the tendency to dive.

The new rocker or reverse camber ski can be as extreme as having a bent up tip and tail, similar to a u-shape. These skis are the fastest growing innovation in ski design, they are purpose-built for big lines and backcountry skiing. For more information about Rocker skis click here. For more information about camber skis through videos click here

Poles are provided along with rental skis. Guests must bring their own ski boots. The majority of our guides and guests use the wider powder skis. For maximum enjoyment of your holiday we recommend that you also use them.

For Snowboarders: We have a selection of powder boards available for rent, from 160 to 166 cm in length for $35/day. There are bindings on the boards, but bring your own and an adaptor plate (or your own bindings) just in case your boots don't fit our bindings.