What is Snowcat Skiing?

Cat-skiing began over 30 years ago when a couple from British Columbia realized that ski hill grooming machines would make an excellent vehicle in which to access the backcountry for skiing by adding a 14-passenger cabin to the back of the tractor. Since then, the sport has increased and expanded with over 90% of the industry located in British Columbia.

Cat Powder Skiing with Monashee Powder Snowcats

Snowcat skiing is an alternative to heli-skiing and provides a comparable quality of skiing by using a snowcat to transport guests to deep powder areas. Instead of flying, we travel on snow roads between each run. Once we reach the top of the run chosen by the certified guide, everyone disembarks the snowcat and helps unload the ski gear. You are then guided down the chosen ski run by the guide. Tail guides travel at the back of the group to help anyone who may have fallen in the deep snow. The snowcat travels down the snow road to the pick-up spot, picks up the group and travels to the next guided run.

Our fleet of two snowcats provides guests with a heated, comfortable ride between runs.

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